To web or not to web.

I haven’t really ever – until now – sat down and truly thought about why I want a web, or why I truly even need one. As we speak, I have registered a domain, have gotten a ‘real’ email address, I’d like to share the eight reasons why those in the know say one NEEDS A WEBSITE.

1. Credibility. So although Facebook is amazing for reaching out, and finding potential followers, people want to see a professional interface that brings together all the attributes that make your company stand out from the crowd. It is for want of a better analogy, your shopfront.  Your window display. With you own web address you can have an email address which is specific to your company. A gmail address is nowadays seen as an indication of less than stellar credibility.

2. Its your catalogue. In the good old days we printed flyers by the hundreds and although a well designed flyer has a definite place in your marketing quiver, a website is just more fluid and easy to update. It keeps your product front and center. So again, whereas on Fb your ideas and specials move down the pile each time you publish another thought or clever little meme, your website has the ability to keep your products front and center. Once again it is like a window display, one that is easy and basically cost free to update and change.

3. Accessibility. Your web is open for business no matter if you have retired to bed for a few hours sleep. Considering that out market space is global, no matter how small you are, you are available 24/7. Today’s young consumer has grown up in a world where e’everything is the norm and in our rushed lifestyle, the internet has become the mall.

4. Time and money. Having a detailed catalogue available for an interested customer to study, 24/7 without you having to email or send it, saves you time and money and makes your product available around the clock, around the world.

5. Customer service. Having a website, with a blog, allows you to engage your customer base with interesting relevant articles about your area of expertise. It keeps you relevant, and created an impression of reliability when you become the ‘go to ‘ person for information.

6. Gathers feedback and compliments. Much as your Facebook page does ones web page enables people to get in touch with us. It enables us to gather reviews in the place where it is most relevant. In one place, on one page. Our shop window.

7. Sells directly. If you have a product, you should be selling it, an e’commerce webpage allows you to sell directly to your client, saves you money – no middle man or shop rent. You can engage directly with your client, and make sure every shopping experience is one people want to return for, again and again.

8. Business goals. An unexpected off shoot of sitting down and deciding what you need to put onto your website, who you want to reach, how it should look and operate…. a renewed sense of who and what your business is and how big your goals are.

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