Graphic designer? Any good?

rachael-gorjestani-282049In order to compete in the market you need to have a brand that stands head and shoulder above the rest. It needs to convey a creative presence, promote your values and resonate with your market. Choosing a graphic designer who will create an outstanding brand for your new company is one of the most important things you will do as you set off on this adventure.

Lets be honest the market is flooded with graphic designers, some very talented, some with years of experience and a passion for making your dream become reality, some quite frankly not worth your time or money. Design skill is only a small part of the process, the ability to apply that talent to many varied projects, the ability to take the design skills and develop them across many disciplines, being sensitive to budgetary constraints are just some of the skills needed to take a project to completion. What kind of portfolio does the designer have, does he or she have experience in the type of work you are asking for. Have they done work for large corporates, small businesses? An online portfolio is a must, as is previous client feedback. Do they have a Facebook page, blog, Pinterest portfolio, are they on Instagram or Flickr, all of these present possibilities to see the style and flavour of work done by the designer.

Communication and a willingness to work and rework, patience with you as the client as you both fine tune your brand are points that you need to clarify before choosing, finding out how their time constraints will affect your project, how many hours are expected to be spent for the price quoted, how many proof are offered for example will give you an idea of the flexibility of the design process.

You’ll notice I have left price for last, and that is because price should be the last thing on your list. In my opinion, you should be willing to pay the most you can afford for something as important as your new business brand. If your chosen designer is slightly more expensive than you have budget for, see if you can work a deal where by you split the process, and therefore payment, over two month for example. Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for? Well it is only too true in the design world.

Chat soon,
Jacci Freimond Rudling
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