Creating goals and sticking to them.

10763041075_f5cfa38562_oWelcome to my first post of 2018.

This year is going to be the year of change, I’m going to change how I do business, well, in effect, I had strayed from my original concept of a virtual studio, have laptop will travel. So change will be getting back to and focussing on my goals.

Design and travel to my beloved Cetona in Italy.

This brings me to the first area of change. This is a hard one for me, I’ve been in the business for more years than I wish to admit to. Where did the last 35 years go? I’ve worked all the options as a designer. I’m good, I have a depth of knowledge, yet, I have always seen myself as what was known as a ‘below the line’ designer. It’s been my comfort zone. But, now I’m finding myself ready for the challenge of upping my game… and charging accordingly.

So this year I’ll be pricing work in a way that speaks to the value that a client gets when choosing me for their project. A price that reflects my depth of knowledge, my reliability, the dozens of very satisfied clients and lastly my talent as a designer and illustrator.

This means changing how and where I source work. They say you are judged by the friends that you keep. I think it is the same as a business owner, people’s expectations are formed by the forums and networks that you belong to – and participate in. This is especially true of businesses that rely on social media for their lifeblood. At times I find myself straying to areas that are not at all work producing, that don’t suit my wished for business model and that frankly make me despondent. I’m not saying that there isn’t an appropriate place for everyone, but, finding out which work, and having the courage to leave those that don’t is the biggest step towards taking responsibility of ones brand and how it is perceived.

This year I have found some amazing new forums to participate in, networks to be part of. Looking forward to meet ups and learning opportunities. I am using January to formulate, change, grow, plan and update. This year is going to be amazing.

Happy 2018 everyone!! may 2018 be the year that we all surpass our dreams!!!


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