Doing more with less.

carl heyerdahl unsplash
Creating calm in our busy work lives
When I set out all those years ago to work for myself and started JacciR Design, back in the time before woman could be ‘entrepreneurs’ – that was a title for brave men who defied society and struck out on their own. THANK GOODNESS TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

Anyway getting back to the topic. Social media was in it’s infantsy, Facebook was but a spec in some geeks eye and we all had dial up. Remember dial up? Doesn’t sound like a lot to start a business at home with – does it!

What we had in abundance though was PEACE AND QUIET to work in. No beep beep from insta messages, ding dong from Whatsapp no call from the cell at all hours….

Do you, like me battle to stay focused in this noisy connected world?


I found this really interesting article on how to get the most out of your working day. Its has to do with limiting disturbances and allowing you to truly concentrate. Tim Herrera chatted to Cal Newport about his book and the theory of ‘Deep Work” in which he details his philosophy and strategy for actually focusing on the things we can do and accomplish. His second book is called “Digital Minimilism” in which he carries on the theme of doing more with less.

I love the idea behind putting all the noise away and finding a way to refocus on the task at hand. Here is the link to the article, lets all shut off the noise and get down to building the businesses of our dreams.

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